Rocket Improv Policies


You’ve registered! CONGRATULATIONS!

Now it’s time to READ THE RULES.

NUMBER 1.  If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?!

This is important stuff people. Learn it, know it, live it. Please read on…


Please arrive early and be ready to go by the time class is supposed to start.

Stash your stuff by the door. Phones must be stashed away as well (NOT in a pocket) and turned off or on silent.

(Blast Off for Teens participants are not allowed to bring phones to rehearsals with the exception of ONE phone for video and picture taking ONLY. Otherwise, phones are to remain at home or outside the rehearsal room.)

If you do arrive late, enter quietly, put your stuff down, have a seat by the door, and wait for your instructor to invite you in to join the class.

Please bring a water bottle so that you do not need to leave to use the water fountain/tap.

No food, gum, or candy during class. If it is urgent that you have a snack, you are welcome to sit and eat by the door until you are ready to rejoin the class.

Class is very active! Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move freely. If skirts or dresses are worn, please wear bike shorts or leggings underneath. Close-toed shoes like sneakers are preferred to prevent having toes stepped on by a classmate during one of our more active activities. Avoid wearing flip-flops or crocs or any other kind of shoe that can easily come off the feet.

For ages 12 and under: Students are expected to be good listeners while the instructor is talking and good audience members while other students are performing. If a student is talking excessively or being disruptive in any way, he or she will receive no less than two warnings before being asked to sit off to the side of the class. During the removal period the student is expected to watch quietly. After a brief removal period the student will be invited to rejoin the class.



 An instructor will be at the space 10 minutes before the start of class. Please wait with your child/ward if you are more than 10 minutes early for class.

As much as you are able, please inform Rocket Improv of any upcoming absences of which you are aware via e-mail or in person with the instructor. Before the start of classes you will be given a number you can text for same-day communications about your student being absent, arriving late, or needing to leave early.

Students are not penalized for missing classes, being late, or needing to leave early. Students are allowed to perform in the showcase regardless of how many classes they may have missed. Excessive absences or lateness however may be taken into account when deciding if a student is ready to advance into either the Rocketeers or Blast Off for Teens programs.

Parents/guardians are allowed to stay and watch the first class. For consecutive classes, parents/guardians are allowed to watch the last 5-10 minutes of class. 

We discourage parents from being in the classroom on a regular basis so that the participants do not feel inhibited in any way while improvising. If you would like to view a class – for example, if Grandma is in town and is unable to attend the showcase – please let the instructor know in advance so we can accommodate you. Otherwise, please wait outside the classroom while your child/ward is in class.

If your child/ward is taking class at the Burgdorff or DeHart and you would like to wait inside, you are welcome to wait in the lobby.

If your child/ward is taking class at Work & Play and you would like to wait inside, you are welcome to wait in the kitchen area.

Parents/guardians of Bottle Rockets: For pick-up after class, the instructor will need to be able to see you before releasing your child/ward. 

Parents/guardians of Jet Packs, Rocketeers, Moonwalkers, and Blast Off for Teens: Students are not monitored at the end of class and are allowed to leave of their own accord. If you would like for your student to remain in the classroom until they are picked up, please let Rocket Improv know in advance. Once your child/ward has left the classroom, Rocket Improv is no longer responsible for him/her/them.

If our towns experience another extreme weather event like Hurricane Sandy that results in prolonged power outages, please refer to Rocket Improv’s Facebook page for updates and communications.


Showcase information for Bottle Rockets: The Bottle Rockets perform in their usual class space during their last class. As the space is small, the showcase is for close family members only.

Showcase information for Jet-Packs, Rocketeers, and Moonwalkers:

There is no class the day of the showcase.

The showcase is optional for all students. The instructor will need to be notified at least a week in advance if a student decides or is not able to participate in the showcase. Students not performing are welcome to watch if they choose.

Showcase information for Blast Off for Teens: Rocket Improv produces an hour-long professional level show at the end of each Fall and Winter/Spring session. Troupe members do not pay to perform, nor are they paid to perform. Students are expected to help market their performances.

Troupe members are not allowed to bring food or drink other than water to the performing space.

Blast Off for Teens troupes are permitted to produce additional shows and seek out other performance opportunities of their own accord if they choose to do so.


To hold a child’s place in class, payment needs to be paid in full.

Payment needs to be received within 7 days of submitting the registration form.

Rocket Improv does not prorate for missed classes. If Rocket Improv needs to cancel a class due to unplanned circumstances such as weather-related events or instructor illness, Rocket Improv will schedule a new class that may or may not be at a time that is convenient for all participants. In the event of a class rescheduling, Rocket Improv will make an effort to accommodate as many students as possible.

If after one class a student decides to withdraw, Rocket Improv will issue a refund for the class minus a $50 cancelation fee. There will be no refunds issued after two classes.

There is a $35 discount for siblings in Jet Packs, Rocketeers, or Blast Off for Teens. There is a $25 discount for siblings in the Bottle Rockets class.  After the first child/ward is paid for in full, each additional sibling will receive $35 or $25 off their session tuition.


The Rocketeers and Blast-Off-for-Teens programs are by invitation only.


After an improv student has completed at least two Jet Pack sessions (12 week course in either the Fall or Winter/Spring session or Summer sessions) then the student is eligible for the Rocketeers class. No student will be able to enter the Rocketeers having completed only one session. The only session substitution allowed is if the student was a teen and able to complete a Beginner Improv Class for Adults with Lulu French (SOMAS or Dreamcatcher Rep).

Invitation into the Rocketeers is not guaranteed after the completion of two sessions. It may take up to four sessions to be invited into a Rocketeers class.  Many factors are taken into consideration before extending an invitation including but limited to: the readiness of the students, age, enrollment numbers, if there is space in a current Rocketeers class, and trying to keep certain students together. Rocket Improv tries to maintain the sense of ensemble that classes develop as much as possible, and sometimes the result is that students will need to wait until the optimum time to move on together.

There is no guarantee that a student will be able to continue in a class with their friends, although Rocket Improv does make an effort to keep friends together as much as possible.


Rocketeers who have developed a sense of ensemble through their time together and wish to continue their training may become their own improv troupe through the Blast Off for Teens program. As a Blast Off for Teens performance ensemble, they create their own identity and have a say in the direction of their own improv training. They are provided with rehearsal space, performance opportunities, a director and an end of session professional level hour-long improv show.

This transition typically happens when the majority of the class is entering high school. Some members may already be in high school and some may still be in middle school.

There is no guarantee that a Rocketeers class will become a Blast Off for Teens performance ensemble. Many factors are taken into consideration including but limited to: the troupe must be determined by their instructor and head Rocket Improv staff to be strong enough to be considered a performance ensemble, there are a sufficient number of troupe members for an ensemble, all troupe members can attend rehearsals on a consistent basis.

If some Rocketeer members are determined to be ready for BOFT and some are not, private conversations will be held with the family members to recommend further study for those who may need more training before becoming a member of a performance ensemble. Our hope is that by the time a student enters high school, that student will have enough self-awareness to know if he or she is ready for more advanced work and the higher expectations of skill that come with being a member of BOFT and can make the determination for him or herself how best to continue their improv journey if he/she decides to continue.

If you have gotten this far you deserve A GOLD STAR STICKER!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about any of it. Thanks!