Lulu was great and she made it so easy to throw a birthday party at our house. There were 15 guests in the age range of 11 - 12 years old from different circles. Since it was improv, girls’ individual personalities came through and they got to know each other and we parents got to know them too. Lulu was low key and fun; the kids were engaged, even the non-theatre kids, and never felt pressure to outperform each other. Our daughter’s favorite exercises were the “park bench,” “the babysitter,” “complaint orchestra,” and “family photos.” She liked that the games were not children’s games but rather customized to her age group. Everybody had fun, it was fun to watch, and we came away with some funny video and pictures.
— Kathleen and Mike


Everything went so beautifully, and Lulu and Brad were both hilarious. The kids had a wonderful time in the workshop and the show was perfect entertainment for the party. Our families enjoyed it so much, and our daughter loved the game where you pretended to be her. She said it was one of the highlights of the day and represented her Fangirl nature perfectly. And Bad Babysitter was wonderful as always. We had a fantastic time at this party! Brad and Lulu made the celebration so fun.
— Sarah


I had always been curious about Improv, and so I signed up for the
class sight unseen. Lulu French was the perfect teacher for me, and her
years of experience in the improv world showed. The class helped center
me in the moment, which really helps me in my job in the business world,
where split second decisions can lead to “sale” or “no sale.” Thanks Lulu!
— Mark

My wife and I loved the improv class! It was something that got us out of our comfort zone but somehow made us feel really comfortable! We can’t wait to sign up for the next level class. Lulu made everyone feel like they had what it took to be funny and have a great time. I loved it!
— Kyle and Jess

I felt that Lulu and my classmates created a supportive environment that helped me to increase my comfort zone with being spontaneous and silly.
I could “dance like nobody is watching” while being okay with others “watching” and joining me in my “dance,” and I could join them in theirs (yes, let’s!). I very much enjoyed the cognitive, physical, social and creative aspects of the exercises- a breath of fresh energy after a relatively sedentary week.
The exercises and scenes brought a delightful sense of the absurd to daily existence, that at times has helped me bring perspective and a sense of humor to a day when things are not going quite right.
— Pat

I signed up for Lulu’s improv workshop thinking that I could use the techniques to help technology organizations communicate better. While I did get lots of great ideas for my clients, I was surprised to find that I also learned a ton about myself that helped me become more mindful as well as becoming a better leader. One of the key takeaways for me is “Fall in love with not knowing what comes next” – Todd Stashwick. In improv we learned not to plan but to trust that something will come in the moment. It really develops your ability to be present.
— Jardena

Eight years ago I took an improv class with Lulu French and was hooked. I’d never had such concentrated fun before, so much opportunity to play as an adult. In class after class that I took with her and her husband Brad I learned how to think on my feet and be ‘in the moment.’ Great class, great teacher.
— David

I’m very happy to have taken lots of improv classes from Lulu. What a pleasure it’s been to get NYC-level improv teaching right here in Jersey. Lulu has that multiple ability that makes her a great improv teacher — enthusiasm for improv, deep knowledge of how it works and the ability to convey that to new and returning students alike. (She’s also a great improviser herself.) I’m grateful to her for introducing me to this giddy and totally addictive art form!
— Steve
Improv started as a mid-life ‘try-something-new’ activity and has become a true passion. Lulu has a real gift for sharing her expertise using a fun, accessible style. At every class, there’s a new warm-up, game or long–form to explore, and she magically prepares her students to perform a real show after eight short weeks. These classes are great way to forget about the real world for a bit, forge new friendships and laugh till you cry!
— Ginny
I started taking Improv with Lulu about 4 years ago as a lark and very quickly got hooked. Since then I have never missed an opportunity to take one of her or Brad’s classes. Both Lulu and Brad are great teachers, make the class a lot of fun and time just flies by. It is the best stress-reliever I have known.
Normally I would have to “shlep” into the city for this level of instruction but here it is right in our neighborhood!
— Margaret
Transcendental. Astonishing. Sublime. These are words. Words that can, and do, describe the improvisational adventures Lulu and Brad guide us through in every class. Improv forces you to fly without a net — sometimes sustaining momentum for a few seconds like the Wright Brothers, sometimes flying too close to sun like Icarus, and sometimes, just sometimes in those magical moments of coruscating brilliance, finding the current that takes you to places you didn’t know existed within yourself. Lulu and Brad are masters of mayhem, sages of silliness, the Einsteins of the extemporary. Their classes are the highlight of the week, a break from the mundane, a chance to challenge oneself and embrace exuberance.
— Dan
Improv provides a brilliant distraction to a work week of answering phones, attending meetings and sitting at the computer. Improv builds confidence and sparks creativity. I highly recommend Lulu and Brad as caring and inspiring instructors who infuse humor and talent with gentle critiques designed to bring out the best in you!
— Michal


Our two boys are taking Tween Improv with Lulu and are having a blast! They love the variety of improv games, and have told us they don’t have to worry about what people think of their ideas. All the ideas are completely supported and enhanced by their classmates.
My daughter always comes out of improv energized and bubbling over. She has a great time and seems primed with good ideas! I would also say it is a safe space for kids to be silly, to be themselves.
Rocket Improv has been an extraordinary positive force in my child’s life over the past 5 years. Improv may be the perfect art form for him, but this is not just any improv experience. Lulu, Brad and Kevin have an amazing ability to encourage the best from their improvisers while also letting them lead each other and find their own way. It is the quality instruction and uncommon mentorship that have pushed this experience way beyond all of our expectations, and there has never been a dull or unhappy or unexciting moment with all the growth and new challenges.
My daughter has been enjoying Lulu’s classes for more than 2 years. Lulu brings out the quick wit in her students and helps them discover the comedy in everyday situations. My daughter has made some wonderful friends in the class and they have a lot of fun together. I feel like Lulu encourages respect while allowing the kids to let loose and be wacky at the same time.
So grateful to Rocket Improv for helping my son harness his thoughts and actions, improve his listening skills and hone his interactions with other improvisers on stage and in rehearsal. These are skills that I’m noticing show up outside of class and in the real world and I know for a fact these skills will be ones he will rely on for a lifetime. Couldn’t be more pleased with the instructors and the program.
My daughter is on her 4th cycle of improv with Lulu and has even brought her best friend along to join too. The class is something different, with more fun, less rules, and no pressure. As a mom I was looking to build her confidence speaking in front of others and continuing to offer her an arts activity. As a kid, she thinks its fun and cool. I love listening to the girls on the ride home from improv, replaying the games and cracking up. It allows them the freedom to be themselves, to be silly and to laugh while still improving confidence and developing wit and fast thinking. Thanks Lulu!!
My son has been working with Lulu for years. It’s been an amazing experience for him. Through her classes, he’s had the opportunity to express himself as an individual - but, more importantly - to learn to work as a member of a group: listening and responding with confidence - and of course, bounds of creativity. In a time when we worry about our kids’ ability to communicate with each other in person, improv is an incredibly positive way for meaningful interaction to take place.
My tween daughter has always been very creative. This past school year was very difficult for our family. Our daughter started showing signs of anxiety and depression. Lulu’s Improv class was a place where she could express herself creatively and she felt safe to do so. She loves the class and we believe it helped improve her emotionally and her self esteem overall.


Lulu’s tween improv class is a blast! I can be silly and laugh and share my sense of humor whole learning how to perform in front of an audience. I think about joke writing and making people laugh all the time now. Thanks, Lulu!
— Tween
I like improv a lot! I feel it’s improved my quick wit; it’s now even quicker!
— Teen


I want to let all educators and organizational leaders know about the wonderful opportunity Lulu French offers for your groups. My girl scout troop was working on their Public Speaking Badge and Lulu was able to do a class for them that was educational, creative, and fun. Lulu was able to tailor the class to fulfill many aspects of the badge, and it was very motivating to the scouts overall. She came with props and a great method for getting the girls to express themselves and be able to put their best selves forward. I would highly recommend a session with her for any group Coming soon. looking to motivate and teach self-awareness and confidence to children and adults.
— Megan Young, Girl Scout Leader, Troop 22908